Congratulations! You are now a privileged wearer of braces. With a little care and common sense, most of the problems — cavities, broken and loose braces, poking wires — can be avoided. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the occasional sore teeth!

To help us facilitate your needs, please be as descriptive as you can when contacting us for an emergency.

  • Diagram of Braces
  • A Bracket is Knocked Off
  • The Archwire is Poking
  • “Ligature Wire
    is Poking Lip or Cheek
  • Loose Brackets, Wires or Bands
  • Irritation of Lips or Cheeks
  • Mouth Sores
  • Discomfort


  • Lost Ligature (Rubber or Wire)
  • Lost Separators or Spacers
  • My Lips got Caught on Braces
  • I cant open my mouth
  • Food Caught Between Teeth
  • Supplies
  • Things that Break and Loosen Wires and Braces